go OFF . . . script

NOUNS and VERBS that go off, get out of, and remarkably transcend--respectively--scripts, boxes and norms.

Tactile Resurge Tooled by a bit o' TechYOUcation


The dream of the 1890’s is not just alive in Portland.  Last year, serial starter John Levisay and his team at Sympoz were kind enough to show me around their creative workspace.  I discovered a great startup and a very impressive time indexing technology within their online courses.  Now, with Craftsy (craftsy.com) they are doing some VERY COOL things with aspirational learning communities and empowering a tactile resurgence.  Crafting and contemporary culture from all walks are neighbors at the quilting block party.  And your great aunt is sharing tips. Keep an eye on this. In the meantime, I’m eyeing their Learn Upcycling Furniture course anxiously …